So who is Reg and why do our customers go crazy for our support?

Well to put it simply Reg is everyone in our support teams. We try our hardest to deliver excellent customer service - we don't always get it right, but we try our utmost to do so.

Our business model is all about helping people get online and we are really proud of the services we deliver to support this.

Meet Reg and see why people go crazy for him!

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All the best ! Reg XX

The making of Reg - working with our customers as well as for them

To undertake this video project, we partnered with long standing customers, 383 Project. The specialist creative agency created a concept based around their experiences as 123-reg customers. It was important that we found an agency that truly understands what 123-reg stands for. For a project of this nature, we found a partner that recognises our identity, knows how we think and most importantly, knows our key differentiation.

Working with a customer that we have given a platform to succeed is an incredibly rewarding experience and we will continue to build partnerships with our customers.

Watch our making of Reg video by clicking below to see exactly what went on behind the scenes and how 383 brought Reg to life.

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So how can we make the claims that we do?


  • Growing with you
    Our year on year contacts have remained steady despite a consistent growth in our customer numbers
  • Investment in support
    Our support teams have more than doubled in size
  • Service Improvements
    123-reg phone service levels have increased from 70% to 90% and our first ticket response rate has dropped from 2 hours to below 15 minutes
  • Customer satisfaction
    This has doubled and complaints have decreased by 80%

Putting a face to the name

Despite being an online business, being open and honest with our customers is absolutely key to our service ethos. Our support teams make every effort to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of great customer service on a daily basis.

Over the past two years, we have added new ways for customers to contact us and we continue to review this. Whether that is via phone, live chat or social media, employees like Matt, Callum and Peter are on hand to assist in whatever way possible.

So meet some of the team and hear what they have to say:

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There are many ways to contact our support teams! We are here and ready to help!

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